For more than 15 years, 1Cloud has been one of the leading Information Technology specialists. As a small company, we understand the needs of consulting firms, startups, and growing enterprises. We also know you need options that are affordable. But most importantly we can devote the time, attention and personal touch that can design and tailor the cloud-based solutions that are right for your particular business.

There are many ways companies can benefit from cloud-based solutions. These include:

– Faster time to market of your products and services
– Enhanced integration of complex backend systems
– Scalability
– Ability to deliver result to your clients rapidly
– Improved salesforce and customer service relation management
– Ability to glean insights from analytics and big data
– Smoother interoperability of mobile and traditional web platforms
– Lowered costs and improved reliability
– Greater flexibility that comes from the ability to choose from a buffet of computing resource options