Salesforce Implementation Services

We at 1cloud are experts in implementing Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, Marketing Cloud®, Community Cloud®, and Pardot® seamlessly.


1cloud Salesforce Implementation Experts

Saleforce® is an efficient form of CRM to help companies, with different scales, progress to the end goal. However, its implementation process is not simple, and it takes a lot of time to implement this application. That is where 1cloud comes into play as a solution.

1cloud can help you:

➡️ Analyze business needs and assess the potential for choosing the right Salesforce solution for you.


➡️ Through our custom Salesforce development, you can get a fully personalized one to suits your specific requirements.


➡️ Training is most effective when it comes to utilization of the Salesforce since all your employees will be operating under this platform.


➡️ To make it sustainable, we provide constant assistance and address any feedback.


What our typical Salesforce implementation process includes

Strategy & Planning

We assess systems, analyze areas for automation, and while doing so, we hold meetings where we map the goals of the Salesforce system’s implementation plan, which every stakeholder approves.

Discovery & Design

This is when we get into the details. We discuss processes, capture the requirements, define the structure of the data and consider integrations which in the end leads to a plan with objectives and time frames included.

The Setup

It means we set up, or more accurately, build Salesforce according to your needs and what you want to achieve, and present the finished product to you as a fully functional CRM.

The Integration

Finally, we will integrate Salesforce with other applications so that they are able to feed and pull information easily. Discover more on our salesforce integration services.

Data Clean Up & Migration

I extract, clean, and de-duplicate the data and then bring the data in to make it through all the validations. Read more on Salesforce data migration service.

Deployment & Training

We provide support to your team and adopt new Salesforce CRM with your data to keep your business running smoothly. Now you have the Salesforce CRM customized to your business needs with your data!

Continued Support & Maintenance Service

We give technical support, version management, problem solving, and planning with product suggestions. Discover how with our approach to managed services we deliver ongoing support to your Salesforce.

What you can expect from our Salesforce implementation services

Iterative delivery.

We propose a Salesforce implementation gradual plan, setting the timeframes and ensuring everyone is aware of it until the end of the project.

Customized solutions.

We acknowledge that your business has specific needs, hence we adapt Salesforce to suit your needs.

To be informed.

Knowing that customers get the best insight from our trainers to get the best out of their Salesforce, we feel accomplished.


We pride ourselves in the fact that we have very short and efficient implementation schedules.

Anything that can be automated will be automated.

We deploy automation tools, guaranteeing that whatever should be accomplished by Salesforce is accomplished with no operation slipping by the cracks.

Anything that can be integrated will be integrated.

We also make sure that all the data can be input within one program eliminating the problem of duplicate entries in different applications.

Thorough discovery and planning.

We get the requirements correctly right from the start, thus customers are able to feel the impact in a short time.

Smooth project delivery.

It is an implementation process that takes you through each point and keep all informed on the status, what is being done, the time frame it will take and how much it will cost.

Platform agnostic.

Speaking of our certified consultants and support services, they have vast experience in working with the sophisticated applications of technology.

Flexible contracts.

Our services come in different models; project based, managed services, or a bucket of hours depending on your business requirements.


Your Digital Transformation Journey with 1cloud

We are dealing with different Salesforce solution every time. In our 1cloud, we immerse ourselves immediately to provide specific suggestions fit to your objectives. We’ll start this process within weeks, not months. Together, here’s how we’ll proceed:

Project Kick Off

A skilled and Certified Salesforce consultant team from 1cloud, with the appropriate insight and experience in the field, will start the planning of the project plan.

Discovery & Strategic Design

We have a team meeting with your team to get the details on functional, technical and business, to develop a detailed technical plan of how it will work.

Development & Testing

Development occurs in “sprints” that are designated for the completion of project milestones. Every sprint, iterative demos are shown in order to receive your input on what is being developed.

Acceptance & Training

Your Salesforce consultant team ensures the platform meets your requirements. Our team will educate your internal Salesforce champions, who in turn will educate all other users in the company.

Go-Live Support

Your solution is implemented as soon as the final sign-off is given and users encouraged to participate. We also continue to offer our implementation services up to Go-Live phase to address all pertinent questions outstanding.

Project Success

We arrange a closeout celebration meeting to discuss the done job, scopes of work, and any probable future requirements.

Let's talk about your project

Are you clear about making your business ready for salesforce? Please tell us about your project and how we can customize 1cloud services to fit your specific requirements. We would like to invite you to schedule your consultation today and start the process of successful Salesforce implementation.