Salesforce Integration

Connecting Salesforce with Other Applications Seamlessly


Integrate Salesforce with Complex Technology Stacks

Integrating Salesforce CRM (or any of Salesforce’s products) with every important application and system in your company is a critical way to capture the most complete picture of your key customer.

However, depending on your goals, business processes, and internal limitations, Salesforce integrations with an existing technology stack can be a complex process. To avoid a delay in ROI, it’s imperative to understand the challenges and limitations faced during the integration process.

That’s where we come in.


What are the benefits of Salesforce integration?

Streamline Sales Processes

Integration speeds up Quote-to-Cash processes, thus boosting revenue.

Salesforce Automation

Integration saves time and empowers sales people to focus on their core job.

Happy Customers

Integration decreases time required to find the answers your customers need.

Salesforce Database Sync

Integration enables real-time updates across multiple databases and systems.

Clean Salesforce Data

Integration improves data quality and removes manual entry errors.

How is Salesforce integrated?

Salesforce Connect

Salesforce Connect allows you to view data in Salesforce CRM from external systems. It incorporates data from other systems in real-time as data objects. It doesn’t require any development, rather via configuration, thus dramatically reducing integration time and cost.

Public API

Public API allows you to connect to multiple platforms, apps, and services. With public API the sky’s the limit in terms of data sync: not only can data FROM Salesforce be pushed to another app, but data IN it can be added or updated based on data from another app. This is the most flexible option, though it does require additional time.

AppExchange Apps

AppExchange Apps are pre-integrated apps that get installed in your Salesforce org. There are many of them available to choose from, both free and paid. Some of them simply enrich out-of-the-box functionality (i.e. “Duplicate Check for Salesforce” finds duplicates, prevents duplicate records, and merges duplicate data), while other apps are built for easy integration with standalone products (i.e. “QuickBooks Online Integration with Salesforce” or the “Adobe Sign” app that enables you to send, sign, track and file electronic contracts quickly and securely right in Salesforce). Our experts have successfully implemented various AppExchange products.


We can also assist

Salesforce Data Loader for Data Migration

Our experienced data architects in San Diego can migrate data into a Salesforce database for you. Depending on your source data, database size, and requirements it can be done by using Data Loader, web-based Data Import Wizard, or another third-party tool.

Data Management and Governance

We will work with you to define business object attributes and design a data structure making sure it’s robust and satisfies your business and security requirements. We will implement it with all available tools in Salesforce: data validation rules, automated record updates, security settings, and other.

Salesforce Backup and Export

Whether you must have a backup for compliance or simply need certain data exported for advanced analytics, we can help you. It can be achieved with different tools on a recurring schedule.

Salesforce Outlook Plugin and Email Integration

Salesforce for Outlook is an app that you install on your computer. It automatically syncs contacts, events, and tasks between Outlook and Salesforce.

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